Get it written, don’t worry about getting it right

This advice was given to a good friend of mine who was trying to write his first novel and was struggling to get his thoughts down on paper.

I was reminded of this advice when I read a recent article about avoiding procrastination, which further reminded me that I was long overdue on my promise to work colleagues, friends and clients to start blogging about my thoughts on life, the universe, business, software development, digital marketing, trends in IT, numeracy and the “way of the analyst”

So here it is, my very first blog post about just getting on and doing things rather than over-analysing and planning them.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Lao-tzu, The Way of Lau-tzu (Chinese Philosopher 604 BC – 531 BC)




Ask my friends, family and colleagues, I’m terrible at wanting to understand everything, and have a nice comfortable knowledge framework on which to hang new ideas, concepts and abilities.  I’m the kid who never stopped asking “but why?”

Unfortunately, I’ve realised that once you immerse yourself in the world of IT, software development, digital marketing, SEO, analytics, affiliate schemes, social networking, etc. the sheer volume of knowledge and experience that is out there (and more importantly, the speed with which things are changing), means that it is an impossible task to be an expert on everything. 

So having accepted I can’t be expected to be an expert blogger, I’ve given myself the freedom to ”Just Do It”  (Nike’s slogan would have been a lot less catchy had it said “just research around the subject and then plan a suitable approach before doing it”)

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