Website & App Development

Every organisation needs a website, but websites can perform many different functions.  Depending upon the target audience, why they are visiting the website, and what the organisation wishes the visitor to get out of their visit to the website.

Ndaba have a breadth of experience in designing and building websites from simple “brochure sites” (typically for organisations that only need to have a site for “credibility” purposes) through to full e-commerce platforms (where the website may well be the only interaction that customers have with a business).  Thinking through the audience, different types of visitor, planning user journeys, and engagement strategies will ensure that your website is designed to function in the best way.  Understanding and defining the end user requirements, forms a core part of our web development process – Anyone can build a “nice looking” website, but you need one that is effective as well as aesthetic.

We build websites and mobile applications (Apps) that are appropriate for your needs and your budget.  We will ensure that all websites include analytics, so that the ongoing effectiveness of your website, digital marketing and engagement strategies can be accurately measured by you (see our Digital Marketing & Analytics section for more information on how we can help with planing and measuring on-line effectiveness).

All websites and apps that we develop are built in “open source” technology platforms.  This not only ensures that after the initial development, you are not tied in to further “licence fees” or support costs from Ndaba, but also gives you the piece of mind that should you want to take your website and have further developments performed in house (or by another third party), there are no propriotory restrictions on usage, and a ready pool of developers able to take what we have built and develop it further.

If you would like us to look at you website requirements, or even if you just want to understand more about the advantages of open source development over proprietary website solutions (i.e. where a supplier builds “your” website using “their” platform) , then please feel free to give us a call, email or get in touch via the contact us section of this website.