Bespoke Software Solutions

For complex or unique processes, it is often not possible to buy a single “off the shelf” software application to meet the needs of an organisation.  In these cases, the development of a tailored software solution (or the bespoke integration of separate existing systems) is often required.

The decision to build a bespoke software application should not be entered into lightly, and we would always undertake a full business process automation review with any client wishing to do so, to ensure it is the best solution for them.  If the business case for building a system is compelling, there are many advantages to clients to building a tailored software solution – The primary one being that the software can exactly mirror the desired processes (including all those small idiosyncrasies that make your offer unique), so there is no need to compromise and work within the restrictions of a third party software application.

In some cases, it is possible to offer clients a hybrid solution, which takes some basic “off the shelf” solutions, but enhances them, or integrates them in a way to effectively create a new bespoke system.  If this is possible, this can often be the quickest, best and most cost effective solution.

Whether building a new solution from scratch, or integrating other software, Ndaba will, wherever possible, look to use “open source” development solutions or integration protocols.  This approach ensures that our clients solutions are developed in a widely used and stable technology platform, that could be easily adopted or supported outside Ndaba if required.  We believe this approach is always in the client’s best interests – We want to keep clients in the long term by offering great solutions at excellent value for money – not by tying you in to a piece of software that no one else could understand or support.