IT Security

Protecting your business’s IT infrastructure and business data is of vital importance. A companies business information is a valuable asset, and critical information such as customer information or accounting data can be very difficult (if not impossible) to replace.  Loosing financial or confidential / sensitive data can also have serious implications for businesses of all sizes.

Would you leave your door unlocked?

As a business it is your responsibility to make sure that your business and customers information is safe and secure.  You wouldn’t leave the door to your home unlocked, why should your business be any different?

Ndaba offer an expert and independent review, design and deployment services for IT security. We can help you analyse your business IT systems and give you recommendations as to the most cost effective and beneficial ways to secure your systems.  Your requirements may range from training staff in IT security best practices, through to firewall design and installation all the way to full PCI compliance for your business.

Where Should I Start?

Ndaba would love for you to get in touch to discuss your IT security requirements.  

To help you better understand your security needs and to help you get the most out of your budget, as a first step we would recommend a comprehensive security review available for only £375

Our security review will consist of a detailed questionnaire covering all aspects of your business IT systems and data requirements. We will then meet with you to discuss the current security state of your IT systems, and to make unbiased recommendations as to which key areas improvements need to be made.  We will also supply you with a written report summarising our findings and recommendations.

Contact us now to book a security review.

I Already Know What I Need!

Perhaps you have already analysed your security systems and know of area’s that need improvement or are due an upgrade for one reason or another. In this case we will be more than happy to just discuss your requirements and offer a competitive proposal to undertake your IT security project.

Can you help me with this?

Sometimes you know exactly what you want but are getting conflicting advice on which vendor’s solution is the best. Ndaba are completely independent experts and are not biased towards any one vendor (as you will often find in the IT industry).  If a free or open source solution better fits your needs we will tell you honestly.  We will always weigh up all options and present these to you in an easy to digest manner with suitability, effectiveness and Return on Investment (RoI) our top priorities.