Effective Digital Marketing….Simples

If you live in the UK, and ever watch TV, then you have almost certainly seen Aleksandr the meerkat pointing out to us “mongoose-brained” viewers that if we are looking for cheap car insurance, we need to visit and not his site dedicated to the comparison of meerkats.

As well as being amusing and clever, this advertising campaign is fiendishly effective at driving traffic to the car insurer’s website, in one of the most competitive online market places.

So how effective is the campaign? 

Well, we can all have our subjective opinions, and accurately accessing return on investment for above the line advertising campaigns is always contentious.  However, if we look at what we can measure:  How the micro-site collects traffic; and how that traffic feeds through to the car insurer; then the figures are impressive.  Nearly 14% of the traffic to the main car insurance site has come from the meerkat microsite – That’s more than 1 out of every 8 visitors who are interested in buying car insurance opting to first compare meerkats!  What’s more, the meerkat site is collecting significant traffic from social media sites, so people on-line are clearly enthused about this campaign (Aleksandr has his own facebook page and twitter account).  Over 20% of the meerkat site visitors arrived from social media sites (10% from facebook, 7% from twitter, and 3% from Youtube) this level of brand engagement is significantly higher than for comparable insurance sites.

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