Working together with clients and in partnership with others is part of our corporate DNA.  We are happy to work with internal teams or other external providers to ensure that our clients achieve the best Value For Money from our involvement in the project.   Indeed, if we believe that a project we are working on would benefit from the inclusion of a third party (e.g. an industry expert or technical specialist), we are always happy to suggest this and make the appropriate introductions.

We are also always open to considering more formal partnership opportunities.  For example:

  • At-risk product development – if you have a business idea that requires technical expertise, but you have insufficient cash to fully fund the development.
  • Supplier consortia / Joint Ventures – if you have a business that offers a complimentary service, and need to augment your services for a more rounded business proposition.
  • Specialist subcontractors – if you have a skill that you think we don’t have in house, but might occasionally need.

We are always happy to talk about any business partnership opportunities that support us in achieving our objectives and/or aid our clients in achieving theirs.  If you have a proposition for us, or even just an idea you would like to talk through, then please contact us for a FREE and fully confidential discussion.