Company Philosophy

Change is Good! (…even when it “rocks the boat”)

We work everyday in Information Technology. Change and Innovation are a constant in our world, and with the advances in IT, we see new and exciting opportunities for businesses to streamline systems, save money, and enhance their sales.   In the modern business environment, we believe the “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it” attitude is far too complacent for any organisation with a plan for long term survival and growth.

Embrace the new technologies and take advantage of the new efficiencies that are available to all businesses, before your competitors do! 


We’ll Tell you the Truth (…even if it’s unpalatable)

We don’t believe that relationships work without Honesty from both sides.  If we think your business processes and IT solutions are best in class, we’ll happily tell you, but where appropriate we will also offer constructive criticism to improve your infrastructure, processes and performance.  Likewise, we expect, and encourage feedback from our clients – If it’s going well tell us, if it’s not working for you then tell us that too!


What’s In it for You?

(or…Just because we can, doesn’t mean we will)

Given our expertise and experience in both hardware and software, Ndaba are pretty capable of solving all your ITC related issues.   However, sometimes what may be in our best interests as a business is not necessarily in the best interests of your organisation.  A core part of our corporate philosophy is to have Integrity in only ever recommending a course of action that we believe is in your best interest (even if that means we miss out on undertaking a very interesting project with you!).  The key question for us, is “if this was my business, what would I do?”

In the long term, we only continue to succeed as a business if our clients succeed, and people only want to work with us repeatedly if we offer inpartial advice, outstanding value for money and return on their investment.